Gail has studied art her entire life, taking many University classes as well as studying with Internationally known artists.  Growing up in Brooklyn, New York minutes from the Brooklyn Museum and Botanical Gardens, she majored in Mathematics and has always sought out nature and art to enrich her soul and free her mind.  There is nothing she likes better than a walk on a beach or being able to absorb nature and history in our many National Parks and beautiful Gardens.  She is constantly exploring ways to create and express her concerns for the environment in her works, as well as, to honor the history and beauty of the American West.  The Sierra Foothills currently spark her interest in eco-dying with natural Indigo and steaming flowers and leaves to recreate their images on silk, wool and linen.  It is important to Gail that her processes do not harm the environment.

Her hope is to draw the viewer into her journey, to make someone ponder, smile and find the combination of color, value, shape or design pleasing.  The ultimate goal is that the viewer is as satisfied with the end product as she is.

In fiber works, Gail has been juried into National and International Exhibitions.  Her encaustic career is in its infancy and she has been juried into local and National Exhibitions and Gallery shows.  Serveral of her works are in private collections.



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