Sacred Navajo Colors
The White God watches over the corn, the Blue God watches over the beans, the Yellow God watches over the squash and the Black God watches over the tobacco.

24" X 42"
Fire - The Thunderbird Clan
Fire is the sacred color of White. It represents the beginning, birth, illumination, the direction of thinking, East.

28" X 48"
Water - The Frog Clan
Water is the sacred color of Blue. It represents youth, midday, innocence, the direction of planning, South.

28" X 48"
Air - The Butterfly Clan
Air is the sacred color of Yellow. It represents twilight, maturity, introspection, the direction of evaluation, West.

28" X 48"
Earth - The Turtle Clan
Earth is the sacred color of Black. It represents night, death, knowledge, the direction of change, North.

28" X 48"
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